Guruvan of Kanhangad, Kerala & Talks with Swami Vidyananda

"Blissful Moments in Guruvan" eventually turned into a documentary film with many details about Guruvanam and also a long casual discussion with Pujya Swami Vidyananda. It all began with shooting some raw videos on my cellphone to later upload them online since i was not able to do a live there. But during my journey... Continue Reading →

The Meditative Divine Chant amidst Nature & Divine Sounds

i had received a small piece of chant of "Om Namo Bhagawathey Nityanandaya" on my phone that was only of a minute or so, but it would teleport me immediately to Ganeshpuri and the divine presence of Bhagwan Nityananda. Spontaneously, i found myself making a long loop of this chant but with two additional pieces... Continue Reading →

The Divine Leela of Karunakar Swami ji

Karunakar Swamiji was the direct disciple of Shaligram Swami and Bhagwan Nityananda. i was introduced to this great mystic by Swami Vijayananda, who was his disciple. Karunakar Swamiji is no more in his body but i had the priviledge of meeting him twice while he was in the body. I have written about my first experience... Continue Reading →

Shree Nityananda Arati

Finally, after a year long imagination in the mind for this arati to be presented in a very soft and soothing way, it finally found it's way out with the blessings of Bhagwan Nityananda. This song is offered at Bade Baba's feet with lots of love and gratitude. Hoping that you enjoy it with prayers... Continue Reading →

Kanhangad – 7th visit

Kanhangad was a 3-day visit filled with regular activities. This time we had the Gaokar family of Smitaji, Snehal, Ashlesha, and Pushkar, Pratap bhai's family which included the smallest ShivYogi 7-month old 🙂  Prathistha and Shyam bhai with his son Shubham. Surprise was it to know that Raghavendra bhai, his wife Niharikaji and their little... Continue Reading →

Divine land of Ganeshpuri

Note: All views are entirely the personal views of the author and is an open expression of sharing the journey with those who enjoy similar experiences. Reader's discretion is advised. Namah Shivaya. Ganeshpuri has been and will always be a special place for me for it is from this land i started my spiritual journey. It... Continue Reading →

Kanhangad – 6th Visit

Note: This is one of our regular trip to Kanhangad. Not all personal experiences are shared here unless wished by the one who experience it. Those experiences or emotions or feelings shared in these posts are at reader's discretion. Nityananda Samadhi Temple built above the 45 caves After nother trip to the divine place of... Continue Reading →

Punyatithi of Bhagwan Nityananda

click for high resolution imageIt is the 50th anniversary of Bhagwan Nityananda who left the body on August 8, 1961The best way to offer your love to Bade Baba and connect with him is in the way he taught - SILENCE..All those who have been touched by Bhagwan may like to spend some time in contemplation and... Continue Reading →

Baba Nityananda Tapovan

The Kalikadevi Temple in the distance (from a nearby hill)   Sirsangi now, was something that Vijayanand Swami had never told us. When we visited this place, the person who was taking us around had donated an acre of land to Anand Ashram just above this temple area on the descent of the hill next... Continue Reading →

Gurupoornima At Anand Ashram

This post contains a vivid journey of the exploration of North Karnataka - a welcoming land of Holy Siddhas. Our gratitude to all Siddha gurus and Bade Baba for their blessings and guidance to such divine places and people. . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    This time, just a few weeks before Guru Poornima, Swami Vijayananda from Anand... Continue Reading →

Kanhangad – July 2011

Offering these words and all our experiences at the feet of Bade Baba for His constant love, guidance, protection and support.   Here i am today, back after a mesmerizing, refreshing, and blessed trip from Bade Baba's abode in Kanhangad. Bade Baba is everywhere, then why Kanhangad? Sure he is, but this is the place... Continue Reading →

Statue at New Guruvan Temple

I just returned from my Shirdi visit tonight and was happy to recall that the next morning the statue of Baba Nityananda was coming to the place where i live! A page of the invitation to devotees The new temple was being constructed all this while and we could see it's progress in all our... Continue Reading →

Anand Ashram

A long-time pending visit to this place, had often struck a chord in my mind as a gentle reminder and now that gentle chord became a huge gong within me. It was about visiting Anand Ashram in Bevinkoppa. This had a link with my previous visit to Kanhangad, where i had met Swami Vijayananda, who... Continue Reading →


Some things just sparked about the Tiruvanamali Hills and Dhyanalinga and thus fell some plans quickly into place. This time we longed to be in the vicinity of divine places in the most minimum days and yet to spend some quality time with worthwhile sadhana. Such a plan was difficult but it somehow fell into... Continue Reading →

At Kanhangad (1) – Jan 2011

  This article was published in "Destination Worldwide", a tourism and travel magazine (January 2011 issue). Thanks to Editor Anju Jain for picking it up. We offer gratitude to our Guru with whose blessings we were able to spend a few days at this divine place. This is my third visit to Kanhangad. The first visit happened when i had... Continue Reading →

At Kanhangad (2) – Jan 2011

  This article was published in "Destination Worldwide", a tourism and travel magazine (January 2011 issue). Thanks to Editor Anju Jain for picking it up.   To read the previous part click here.   We had decided to go to Padiyar Swami's house in Kushal Nagar that was just a kilometer from the ashram. There was a... Continue Reading →

Gurusthavan – Tulsi Amma

The Gurusthavan was written by Tulsi Amma, an ardent devotee of Baba Nityananda. It was only due to Tulsi Amma that the teachings of Bade Baba could reach us, as she recorded whenever Baba spoke in trance. A small effort has been made to compose this beautiful hymn all in praise of the Guru along... Continue Reading →

At Kanhangad – Sept 2010

As usual, without much botheration on where, who, how, etc, I set out from my home town in a bus that was an overnight journey to reach Mangalore. On reaching, Arjun came to pick me up and dropped me at Vishwanath Uncle's place where I freshened up, had breakfast and within 30 minutes we were... Continue Reading →

At Kanhangad – July 2010

Blessed to have a 3-day visit to Kanhangad, Kerala, with 6 other seekers from July 2 to July 4, 2010. It was a divine trip. Since then, I had this longing to go to Kanhangad, where Bade Baba had spent a considerable amount of time doing his sadhana. Almost a year passed and I suddenly... Continue Reading →

Guru Ashtakam

    Guru Ashtakam was written by Shri Adi Shankaracharya and tells about the necessity of the Guru and attaching our mind to the Lotus Feet of the Guru. Also, given are extracts from a lecture of Swami Vivekananda on the need of a spiritual Guru.   A very beautiful video with a beautiful melody... Continue Reading →

All Our Kanhangad Visits

Read more about our 1st visit. Read more about our 2nd visit. Read more about our 3rd visit. (published in a "Destination Worldwide" magazine) Read more about our 4th visit. Read more about our 5th visit. Read more about our 6th visit. Read more about our 7th visit.  


DISCLAIMER Namo Nityananda, The purpose of this blog: This blog began in 2009 and was created with only and only one intention - as a seva to all devotees of Bhagwan Nityananda, trying to spread Bhagwan's light in it's own capacity and limitations. The blog is completely the work of the author with no connection... Continue Reading →

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